‘Zenge’ and ‘Art of Gravity’ Developer’s New Puzzler ‘Scala…

Back at the end of February we posted about the new upcoming game from indie developer Michal Pawlowski aka Hamster On Coke Game Lab aka creator of such mentally and visually pleasing titles as Zenge [$0.99], Art of Gravity [$0.99], and Push [$0.99]. The new game was called Scalak, and it looked like some sort of crazy blend of Rubik’s Cube and that toy you had when you were a kid where you’d fit the different shapes of pegs into their properly-shaped holes. Ok that’s a pretty terrible explanation, but that’s sort of the beauty of Scalak – it’s so unique there’s not much to compare it to. Thankfully, there is a brand new trailer for Scalak so that my inept description doesn’t have to leave you wondering what the heck is really going on here.

Ok, see? Makes sense now, yeah? Scalak will come with 90 levels to complete and it’ll be a fully paid game with no ads or IAP. It’s all set to launch on May 23rd, and if you click this link on an iOS 11 device you’ll be whisked away to the App Store where you can pre-order the game and it’ll just download automatically to your iOS device on release day. Scalak is also set to hit Android and Steam on that same day. Given how much I enjoyed this developer’s previous releases, and given how unique a concept it all is, I’m pretty darn excited to give Scalak a try when it launches in just a couple of weeks.

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