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Google search app. (Reuters)

Phone makers always put some hidden features on smartphones and some of them even leave you baffled. Now, typing ‘the’ in the Google app on Android smartphones will show you something which is nearly unbelievable. After an individual type the aforementioned combination, they will see their personal text messages in Search. According to various reports, the bug in the Google app on Android devices – especially OnePlus, Samsung, LG and Huawei – has left people baffled.

“A user on Reddit found that typing in ‘’ (note the extra dot_ in the Google app on Android will display the user’s text messages in the app,” Cnet reported on Thursday. “For some unexplained reason when I type in ‘’ (specifically with two periods) into my search bar on the default pixel launcher it displays my recent text messages through Google,” the Google Pixel owner wrote.

The messages also will only appear in the app if the user has given permission for the Google app to access SMS messages, the report said. Notably, Google has not yet commented on the glitch.

Meanwhile, Google has released a new social app which is aimed at building neighbourhood communities within cities in the country. Its initiatives included data-friendly versions of Youtube and other popular services like its Tez mobile payment app, a food delivery service and a national WiFi network initiative. Now, the Mountain View-based company is adding one more to the list with the release of Neighbourly, a Q&A app for sharing local knowledge, according to Tech Crunch report.

The general idea is to give locals an outlet to seek answers to practical questions about local life, routine, etc. Google believes that an increase in urban migration, short-term leasing and busy lives has changed the dynamic of local communities and made it harder to share information quite so easily.

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