We have to prepare more- Park Hang Seo

Vietnam visited Bacolod today, December 2, to play the first semifinal of the AFF Suzuki Cup. They were up against a Philippines side who were tipped as the favourites to lift the cup by many. However, the Golden Dragons put in a good performance and came out with two away goals. They did, however, concede their first goal of the competition. Here are the post-match quotes from the Vietnam coach Park Hang-Seo. 

“1st of all I really want (to show my appreciation) to my players for getting a win in an away match, but we still have the second leg in Hanoi so we have to (maintain) our focus on the next match. And I wanna say again thank you for my players tonight,” Park said during the AFF Suzuki Cup post-match conference.

Quite uncharacteristically, Vietnam conceded a goal for the first time in this year’s competition. Needless to say, the head coach did have some comments on that:

“There is no perfect team. So it was a little bit disappointing to concede a goal, the 1st goal in this competition. But we have to prepare more. We recorded this match today so we can analyse what we have to improve more for the next match with the coaching staff.”

Finally, Park singled out Phan Van Duc for his impressive performance and said that he followed his instructions well.

“(Phan) Van Duc, he deserved to get man of the match in this match. He did very well in this match what I ordered him so this made him make a goal in this match,” he concluded.


(Image Credits: Vietnam Football Facebook)

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