Ghostery Mobile Privacy Browser Gets A Search Engine 09/20/…

Ghostery has
introduced a new version of its mobile browser for iOS and Android. The latest privacy browser now integrates the private search engine operated by its parent company Cliqz.

Unlike other
search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, which try to provide as many search returns as possible, Ghost Search maps the most common results for specific search queries. It returns three dynamic
results on what the company calls “cards” that surface content as soon as the user begins to enter search terms.  

“We spend a lot of time refining the top three search
results to make the results as informational as possible,” said Jeremy Tillman, director of product at Ghostery.

Cliqz’s search engine works independently with its own web index.
The company does not store any personally identifiable information, and works with technology that provides anonymized keeping queries private.



The search feature is exclusive to the mobile
browser, but there are plans to add it to the desktop version, he said.

The new version also includes the Ghost Mode to protect user privacy by preventing the websites visited from being
recorded in the browser history, and it has a built-in anti-phishing security feature that protects users from malicious and fraudulent websites to uncover phishing sites within an hour.

anti-phishing technology, The Ghostery Privacy Browser, examines a website for any harmful data entry fields and mistrustful characteristics and displays a warning message if the website is considered

The Ghostery Smart Tab on a home screen highlights the favorite or most visited sites, as well as the latest news stories. Other features like Stop auto-play allow users to prevent
websites from playing unsolicited ads, and mobile data saver enables users to load pictures only on Wi-Fi networks.

The Android version includes additional features such as AI-powered
anti-tracking and smart blocking.

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