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If you have been living close to the torrent ecosystem, you might realize the fact that tons of torrent sites exist where you can search torrent files. But if you remember, when FBI nabbed the operators of KAT, many people heard the term torrent search engine for the first time.

Amid the rising scrutiny, many torrent sites have started calling themselves a search engine for torrents, saying they only provide a way for people to search torrents. It’s a category of torrent sites that don’t host any torrent files but provides a way for the users to find torrents on other torrent sites.

So, you can add some torrent search engines to your list. But before moving ahead, we already have other attention-seeking lists that you might want to see in your free time:

6 Best Free Torrent Search Engines For 2018

1. Torrents.me

Best Torrent Search Engine 1 Torrentsme

This popular meta torrent search engine site is very different from any other BitTorrent-related site you’ll see. While homepages feature extensive lists of torrents, Torrents.me displays search trends for popular queries.

As you scroll down, you can find torrent sites divided into different categories. The UI is neat and clean, and you won’t see any annoying ads popping out of nowhere.

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2. Torrentz2

Best Torrent Search Engine 2 torrentz2

You can try Torrentz2 as an alternative to the now-offline site Torrentz. Even the torrent site pitches itself as a clone or replacement of the defunct site.

This torrent search engine features the same interface, and it’s also available in an onion version for users who want to access it over Tor. You can use the search bar to find torrent from Torrentz2’s index of over 61 million torrents sourced from 90+ torrent sites.

3. Toorgle

Best Torrent Search Engine 3 toorgle

Another name in your list of the best torrent search engines is the Google-inspired Toorgle. Just like Torrentz2, it also features just the torrent bar on its homepage.

By the looks, Toorgle may seem a little bit outdated, but this is what makes the torrent search site lightweight and capable of loading on slower connections. It crawls over 450 torrent sites to find what you want.

4. TorrentSeeker

Best Torrent Search Engine 4 torrentseeker

TorrentSeeker is also a robust torrent search engine that uses custom Google Search to scrape torrents from over 100 torrent sites.

Its simple to use interface make the torrent search process easier than ever. However, the great look and feel is only limited to the homepage. The results page is that pleased. Anyway, it does what it does, its job of finding the torrents users want.

5. Veoble

Best Torrent Search Engine 5 Veoble

This black-colored website is also ranked among the powerful torrent search engine sites that you’d find on the web. It’s quickly gaining popularity among the users.

Using the custom Google Search, Veoble provides torrent search and image search options to the users. After firing up a query, the results can be narrowed down on the basis of torrent sites, language, etc.

6. Xtorx

Best Torrent Search Engine 6 Xtorx

When trying to find your favorite torrents, another great torrent search site exists by the name of Xtorx. Just like other alternatives you find in this list, Xtorx also features just a search bar on its homepage.

You can get your torrent search results instantly, but sadly there is no way to filter them out. But that isn’t needed because Xtorx provides search URLs for other torrent sites. That means clicking any of the results would open a new search on another torrent site.

So, these were some of the websites that don’t host any torrents of their own but they can act as a search engine to find content from other torrent sites.

If you have something to add, drop your thoughts in the comments.

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